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About Us

Millwall Lions is the name for the youth section of Millwall Rugby Club, based in London's Docklands near Canary Wharf.

Our core values

Learn more about our core values in this short video.

We expect all of our youth and adult players to adhere to the Code of Rugby, and if you're a parent we ask you to support the club and RFU in our ethos to help your child get the most out of their time at Millwall Rugby Club.


A Brief History

Millwall Rugby Club was formed after the Rugby World Cup back in 1995. A few adults watched the games on TV and then went over to Millwall Park to throw a ball around and the adult club was started. 

So, its only fitting that Millwall Rugby Club's Youth Section should also be formed on the back of a Rugby World Cup and the extra publicity given to the sport after England became the World Champions.

In the summer of 2003, 18 players from the Adult Section of the club volunteered to take the training course to become qualified as RFU Level 1 (Youth) Coaches to help get a Youth Section up and running. Jamie Rockman, who was also running the Adult 1st team, agreed to become "Youth Chair" and worked hard to turn the dream into a reality.

In November 2003 we hosted a very successful "Tag Rugby Festival" at which over 150 local Year 6 children attended, representing 6 local schools. 

The Open Days during January and February 2004 allowed us to gauge the level of interest within the children and teenagers of our local area, Poplar and the Isle of Dogs.

In the years since, we have gone from strength to strength, fielding teams in many different age groups with fantastic results! 

What Next...? 

When you join Millwall rugby Club, you will be issued with a membership pack, which contains a permission form which we will need to be completed, signed and returned by each prospective member of Millwall's Youth Section.

Please do not forget to return these permission forms - the Club must have parental permission from parents or guardians for each person under 18 that wants to join the club. 

On this website you'll find Club Policies for players , parents and supporters. Traditionally, rugby has not suffered from some of the bad aspects of modern football, such as arguing with referees etc. Though some games may seem to be brutal encounters there is always a comradeship between the teams and games always end with handshakes all round and teams clapping each other off the pitch with "3 cheers" for the opposition. 

With the help of coaches, parents and other players, we at Millwall Rugby Club firmly believe that rugby can be a positive influence on the development of youngsters - encouraging physical and mental strength as well as teamwork. But most of all, we just want to share our passion for playing rugby - the best game in the world! 

If you have any questions or issues with anything contained within the pack, or on this website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our youth chair:


Finally, a "thank you" to the parents for allowing your children to take part. We can't promise the muddy kit won't clog up your washing machine but we can promise to do all we can to give your children a safe, constructive and enjoyable time playing rugby locally.